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Piano -

Class piano is designed to teach the concepts and fundamentals needed to perform on the piano. It will increase musical understanding beyond just reading notes by teaching students a vocabulary of chords and keys, accompaniment patterns, and improvisational techniques. Students will play melodies in several positions and have the opportunity to participate in ensemble playing, end of season recitals, accompaniments for other musicians, and special events in the community. Students will develop good practice habits, and learn techniques to increase the muscular agility and flexibility of their hands. We will delve into music at its source, find out how music is constructed, and discover the composers and history behind the music. Coming soon to M.S.M., through the use of the M.S.M. MIDI Laptop Lab station*, students will have the opportunity to explore music technology, and its applications to composition, arrangement, and even recording industry techniques. At the completion of this course, the student will have learned to play some of the standards of piano repertoire while gaining a thorough understanding of the history and basic concepts of music. The piano is a performance instrument, and the primary goal of this course is for students to become competent, independent performers on the piano. For this reason, students will be assessed largely based on their performances on the piano. It is equally important that a student develop the skills, discipline, and determination to prepare for a performance, therefore an equal portion of the will be derived from how well the student prepares and uses his or her practice time. Because not everyone has a piano at home, home practice is optional; however, students should come to class every day prepared to get the most out of the practice time they are given in class. Course Outcomes – Students will be able to: 1. Follow classroom procedures regarding practice and instruction. 2. Demonstrate basic competencies of piano performance in the areas of tone production, technique, and phrasing. 3. Identify music notation and symbols relative to the level of proficiency 4. Identify basic musical forms within learned pieces. 5. Identify proper performance habits. Daily Required Materials A portion of the student’s daily Practice/Preparation will be determined based on bringing the following required materials to class. Textbook – Alfred’s Basic Adult or children’s All-In-One Level 1 – for Piano I or Beginning Students Alfred’s Basic Adult or children’s All-In-One Level 2 – for Piano II or Intermediate Students Alfred’s Basic Adult or children’s All-In-One Level 3 – for Piano III or Advanced Students Mrs. Bradley or Mrs. Mollett will assist you with selecting the appropriate book for your level of proficiency. The textbook must be purchased or ordered by the student by end of January so that the student can bring it to class by February. The book can be purchased or ordered at Murphys Music Company the Music Store (near Chevron Gas Station), but they only keep a limited number in stock or might not have them in stock. Call before you go. The number for the store is (209) 728-8687 Each book can be purchased or ordered with an optional CD. You can order online on Amazon and ebay. While this is not required, it may be helpful to students who would like to hear how the songs go, and practice along.

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